Soulmade (2014)
Author: Jasper Krabbé
Design: Erlend Schenk, Burographic
Binding: Paperback / ibound in leather
Volume: 168 pages / 21 x 15 cm
Language: Dutch / English
ISBN: 978-94-6226-082-5 / NUR: 640

Exhibition: Tropenmuseum januari 2015




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Visual artist Jasper Krabbé delves into the repositories of Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum, where he becomes enchanted by the vibrancy and energy of the peculiar and mundane objects encountered there, many previously unknown to him. At first glance, the objects seem unrelated, but Krabbé applies his own associations and affinities, based on intuition, recognition, colour, shape and material, to form new connections between them. In the process, a world of inspiration emerges, as the observer of the selection gathered in this book – from magical Sumatran staves to pre-Colombian textiles – discovers kinship between the museum’s collection of objects and the artist’s own work.

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