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“Q” Limited Edition


Author / design: Jasper Krabbé
Binding: Softcover / Single sewn / Handmade watercolour paper
Volume: 168 pages / 28 x 21 cm
Language: n/a
Editions: 50
ISBN: 978-90-832266-3-7-LE
NUR: 640

The limited edition of ‘Q’
– is numbered and signed
– comes in a specially designed cardboard box (42 x 34,5 cm)
– contains the signed and numbered artwork ‘Vondelpark’ (31 x 24 cm)



‘Q' was created at the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, during the walks that artist Jasper Krabbé took through a largely deserted Amsterdam. With his sketchbook at the ready, he walked along an empty Dam Square, Vondelpark, deserted canals and empty streets with the occasional vagrant and spotting shadows of people behind their windows. Jasper painted what he saw, dreaming of things that were no longer possible. ‘Q' is a visual diary, made at a historical moment when the world was on hold.

This edition is an exact copy of Jasper's sketchbook. Printed with modern printing techniques on handmade watercolour paper, the facsimile can hardly be distinguished from the original sketchbook.

The limited edition of 'Q' comes in a specially designed cardboard box. Inside the box you can find the signed and numbered artwork 'Vondelpark'.

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