Super Saturation


Jasper Krabbé – Super Saturation
Language: English / Dutch
Binding: Softcover / Single sewn
Volume: 128 pages / 24 x 32,8 cm
ISBN: 978-94-625-8556-0
Published in 2023 by WBooks

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Forgotten chapters in art history, the beauty of slowly fading personal memories and portraits of known and unknown heroes come together in Super Saturation.
In this book, visual artist Jasper Krabbé collects portraits he made of friends, like professional skater, stylist and dj Clyde Semmoh, a childhood friend of Krabbé who passed away two years ago, but also from strangers that have particularly affected the artist. Like a homeless man on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, the American Honey Dijon, black trans woman, dj and activist, or Dr. Rat, the first graffiti writer of Amsterdam. According to the artist they are modern-day heroes, because of their courage and because of the path they chose to take.

‘Super Saturation’ refers to the saturated colours that the artist recently started using, in contrast to the more defunct colour applications of yesteryear. At the same time, it also stands for the saturation of images that we’re being fed through social media, the news and the internet. Krabbé carefully distils his topics from all these influences. He himself describes it this way:
'The multiplicity, the speed and simultaneity with which events are now becoming visible are unparalleled and provide a new energy and freedom.'

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